This MMO combines fantasy and science fiction


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Skyforge is an MMORPG where you play as a legendary immortal warrior, a pawn in a gigantic war where many harsh gods want to destroy the human-inhabited worlds. If your warrior gets enough combat experience, you can become a new god.

One of the most interesting parts of Skyforge is the way your character develops. Your character starts as an immortal knight but, with enough time and experience, can transform himself into a god. That means that you'll improve by gaining prestige (which will move you to a higher class) as well as by beating levels. Skyforge's gameplay is also unique for an MMORPG since it offers lots of action and is very dynamic. Similar to traditional third person beat 'em up games, you can unlock abilities bit by bit as you play. During your adventures, you'll fight against both terrifying bosses and hordes of smaller enemies.

You can face all these challenges by yourself or in the online multiplayer mode. Here, you and the other players will be able to collaborate, but will each play as the same character. Skyforge is a very good MMORPG that adds some new elements to the genre. The game's story and design, which mix science fiction, epic fantasy, and Ancient Rome, make Skyforge strikingly original. And not to mention that the graphics are amazing.
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